Integrity Reporting and Correction


Whether it is a power outage, a network problem or the dreaded 'illegal operation' error, problems occur that can affect your data. MindSet encourages all clients to monitor the Integrity Reports that are provided with your PeopleSoft/JDE applications. These reports are designed to tell you when something is not quite right in the system.

MindSet Inc. can help you set up and monitor your integrity reports. If your reports indicate there is a problem, MindSet Inc. can help you analyze the problem and correct the data. We can set up procedures to enable your internal resources to handle problems in the future.

Here are some examples of integrity issues that can be addressed if you know about them (this is where the reports come in) and know what to do to correct them (this is where our experience comes in):

  • G/L Balances do not match G/L Detail Transactions
  • Batch Headers missing or not posted
  • Companies Out of Balance
  • A/P does not match G/L (balances)
  • A/R does not match G/L (balances)
  • Transactions not posted to Fixed Assets
  • Inventory 'As Of' Issues
  • Inventory Ledger to Accounts
  • Purchasing Received not Vouchered Issues
  • Manufacturing Cost Components Missing

And many others...

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