Security Planning and Implementation


Security is always a tough balancing act. Too much and the system becomes a nightmare to use and administer. Too little and your valuable business data is at risk.

With a systems as flexible and integrated as PeopleSoft World and EnterpriseOne there are so many decisions to make:

  • World or OneWorld (or both)?

  • Operating system security or application security (probably both)?

  • File level, field level, action level, Business Unit level (you get the picture)?

  • Group level or user level?

  • Which environments need security and which don't?

  • What is 'Unified Logon' in OneWorld? Should I be using it?

  • What conventions/standards will make it easier to manage?

  • How do I handle OneWorld 'embedded' passwords?

  • How do I document all of these decisions and the resulting procedures?

MindSet Inc. can help you develop your approach to security given your requirements and the resources with which you have to work.

We would be happy to come out to your site for a day, at no charge, to discuss your needs and to do an intitial concept review of your current security implementation.

Contact Us or call us toll free at 877.744.2851 (then press 1). We will answer your questions without obligation and without pressure.

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