Data Summarize and Purge


If you are a PeopleSoft World or EnterpriseOne client who has been using the system for several years, it may be time to think about purging some of the older data from the system. To do it right requires planning and experience.

Summarizing and purging unneeded data from your files can

  • Increase Performance

  • Reduce Backup/Restore Times

  • Help to Manage Your Hardware Investment More Efficiently

MindSet Inc. has the experience to plan and perform these tasks
without introducing unexpected data integrity problems. We can help you determine your data retention requirements, formulate a data retention policy and set up the system tools necessary to put your policy into practice.

MindSet Inc. will make sure that you know all of the issues and all of your options before anyone takes one 'byte' of your valuable data.

To find out more about how best to approach summarizing and purging data
Contact Us or call us toll free at 877.744.2851 (then press 1). We will answer your questions without obligation and without pressure.

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