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Keeping your personnel up-to-date on your PeopleSoft World or EnterpriseOne processes can be a challenge. The software changes, the business changes, your personnel changes. If you are like most companies, these changes occur, you react as best you can and your processes get 'handed down'. Like the childhood game of 'gossip', by the time the information is passed around a few times, it doesn't look anything like it did in the beginning.

MindSet can help. We can handle any or all of the following steps to resolve this common problem:

  • Analyze: We can analyze your current processes. We can compare your process with our experience and with information from industry 'White Papers' and PeopleSoft publications.

  • Recommend: From our analysis we can recommend changes with real paybacks in efficiency and accuracy.

  • Develop: We can develop system and procedural changes to correct any weaknesses in the process. We can enhance processes to take advantage of new system capabilties that may have been introduced since the initial process was developed.

  • Communicate: We can develop and conduct workshops to ensure that the processes are communicated to all levels of the organization clearly, accurately and consistently. We can put together flexible documentation that enables you to 'take it from there' should the process change in the future.

  • Implement: We can help you plan and implement your process changes. From planning the cutover event to determining what to do with existing data entered with an older process, we can make the switch happpen smoothly.

  • Train-the-Trainer: We can help you develop workshops you can conduct using your internal resources. If you have the need but are working within a limited budget, as we all are, this can be a way to enable your organization to meet the need and optimize the investment dollars.

We would be happy to come out and visit you to discuss your needs. A few minutes of your time may help you get a handle on this very common problem.

Contact Us or call us toll free at 877.744.2851 (then press 1). We will answer your questions without obligation and without pressure.

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